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Download this file (FTTH-COUNCIL-AFRICA-Annual-Report-2015.pdf)Annual Report 2015FTTH Council Africa Annual Report 20155889 kB2015-05-14 16:48
Download this file (FTTH_COUNCIL_AFRICA_Annual_Report_2014.pdf)Annual Report 2014FTTH Council Africa Annual Report 20143261 kB2015-05-14 16:07
Download this file (Alternative-Deployment-Strategies-White-Paper-2014.pdf)Alternative Deployment StrategiesWhite Paper: Innovative FTTH Deployment Technologies1528 kB2015-04-09 15:27
Access this URL ( Benefits of Fibre BroadbandStudy commissioned by The FTTH Council Europe looking from real-estate players who have direct experience with FTTH/B to real-estate players considering broadband solutions and network providers negotiating with real-estate players.837 kB2014-11-28 14:27
Access this URL ( New Value in Malaysian Real Estate & Housing Industry.6021 kB2014-11-28 14:23
Access this URL ( Fibre Broadband can do for your CommunityFibre connections are available to more than 200 million homes globally – a tenth of all the households in the world.3701 kB2014-06-13 09:57
Access this URL (, a socio-economic analysisReview of Stokab and its development of an open, operator-neutral fibre network for everyone.4290 kB2014-06-13 09:48
Access this URL ( to the HomeThe advantages of optical access3144 kB2014-06-13 09:13
Download this file (BBC_Jan13_Render.pdf)Best year for FTTH since 2008Fiber-to-the-home vendors and providers enjoyed a great year in 2012, according to new research by RVA LLC. RVA forecasts a stable market over the next few years, followed by a new upturn in 2016.1583 kB2014-06-13 08:40