A pioneer in business-to-business commercial and industrial research, BMI was founded in the late 1970's. BMI-TechKnowledge Group was established as a separate company in 1990, to focus on researching the rapidly emerging South African 'high tech' industry.

The company widened its research expertise to include other African markets, and developed a focus on specific vertical markets, in particular the financial services sector, where the historical database of primary research stretches back 19 years.

While retaining its research roots, the company has grown substantially to provide a sophisticated set of client-oriented services, based on the provision of high-level information, expert advice and shoulder-to-shoulder implementation assistance.

BMI-T has successfully completed over 1000 projects for blue-chip clients - a feat unequalled by its peers. 




iMENTORS is a one-stop-shop data warehouse on all e-infrastructure development projects of Sub-Saharan Africa.

By mapping e-infrastructure initiatives, our aim is to help scientists, universities, research and education networks as well as policy-makers and international donors gain valuable insights on the gaps and progress made in the region and to enhance the coordination of international actors involved in ICT initiatives in this part of the world. 



Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions

Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions is committed to providing high quality, professional fibre optic training and consulting services in a courteous manner that are in our customers' best interests.

Their courses are accredited by both The FOA and Mict-Seta and Certification is proof of skills, knowledge and abilities, a valuable asset to employee and employer alike. 

  triple play
The Fibre Lab

The Fibre Lab aims to be the primary ICT Training hub in Africa by acting as intermediary between training facilitators, industry organisations and individual role players. The Fibre Lab believes skills development is an essential component to the increase in rapid deployment of ICT technologies across Africa and ongoing economic growth and sustainability for the continent.

As intermediary they match courses offered with skills required. 

  fibre lab

Industry Bodies


The FOA is the international professional society of fibre optics. The FOA is chartered to promote fibre optics through education, certification and standards. Working with over 200 approved training organizations around the world, the FOA has certified almost 40,000 workers, those workers who design, install and operate the networks that connect the world.

Considering both the growing activity in fibre installation and the unique needs of the continent, FOA has established its first regional chapter in Africa. FOA Africa is managed by highly experienced personnel in the field who are prepared to assist the continent in growing its fibre optic infrastructure. 



ecospecifier SA provides compelling and high-quality knowledge about innovative products that represent high value over their life - not only in the traditional sense, but also in the expanded sense of health, wellbeing and productivity of their total life, in the context of the people, buildings and systems they serve.

ecospecifier SA meets the needs of the forward looking practitioner and company looking to respond to the needs and desires of clients, and be at the forefront of best practice design. 



The Southern Africa Telecommunications Association (SATA) was established in 1980 in pursuant of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Treaty and the provisions of the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology.


Press Partners


EE Publishers – EngineerIT

EngineerIT is a business-to-business magazine, published by EE Publishers, in print and on-line, eleven times a year, focussed on the business of science, engineering and technology.

EngineerIT covers:
Information and communication technology (ICT), including telecommunications, networking, broadcasting, computing and software
Electronics design, manufacture, test and components
Measurement and instrumentation
Automation and control
Amateur radio, aerospace technology and astronomy