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Who should become a member?

We welcome any company, business entity, non-profit organisation (including HOA's and community forums), academic institution that is involved in the development, production, deployment, service, maintenance or analysis of FTTX networks or FTTX network components.

Benefits of being a member of the FTTX Council Africa

  1. Access to industry events and sharing of market data : The FTTH Council Africa, as well as our partners often host industry events where market data is discussed and presented in the form of detailed analysis of these statistics.
  2. Unique networking opportunities : By joining the Council Africa you are able to meet leaders in the industry and benefit from new contacts, open discussions and new insights!
  3. Participation in FTTX Council Africa Conferences and other events : Our annual conference is THE meeting point for all people interested in fibre related activities in Africa. We also host annual golf days that are exclusively open to our members.

Why become a member?

Change the future of Africa through effective broadband penetration

By actively participating in our community you are able to take part in the process of accelerating fibre deployments in Africa. Members of the FTTX Council Africa support the development and deployment of broadband infrastructure that will change the lives of all citizens on the continent of Africa. We salute our member companies for their contribution to broadband penetration!!

Once you decided to become a member you will have to fill in an application form. This application is then approved by the Board of Directors. Once approval has been granted you are formally introduced to the rest of the members.

Levels of Membership

Gold Membership

  • Corporate Membership
  • Multi-National Organisations and Operators (Companies active in more than one FTTX Council Africa region)

Annual Membership Fee: US$ 9,000.00 | ZAR 109,000.00

Silver Membership

  • Corporate Membership
  • Large Organisations (Large Companies active in only one FTTX Council Africa region)

Annual Membership Fee: US$ 5,750.00 | ZAR 69,000.00

Bronze Membership

  • Small / Medium Enterprises (SMME) (Small / Medium Enterprises active in only one FTTX Council Africa region)

Annual Membership Fee: US$ 3,250.00 | ZAR 39,000.00


Institutional Membership

  • Aimed at academic institutions and research firms
  • Membership based on offering FTTX Council Africa access to research results for industry reports 

Annual Membership Fee: US$ 1,000.00 | ZAR 10,000.00

Individual Membership

  • Aimed at individuals who own one-man businesses or consultants

Annual Membership Fee: US$ 500.00 | ZAR 5,000.00

Government and Regulatory Body participation is FREE
Home Owners Associations and community forums participate for FREE


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Become a member

For more information contact Juanita Clark:
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