Community Registration

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COMMUNITY TOOLKIT – where do we start? 

Why Register? 

By registering your community you will have access to the following:

  • The FTTH Council Africa arranges Community Workshops where you can engage with other communities wishing to deploy FTTH – FREE.
  • Listen to operators and learn what they can do for your community
  • Overcome barriers and recognise how to ensure your community gets access – fast.

The FTTH Council Africa developed brochures that explains FTTH in simple terms and make it easy for every member of the community to understand what FTTH is all about. We will gladly deliver to you so you can organise ‘knocks and drops’ or hand them out at your next HOA gathering – just send us your address. (Also available in soft copy for mailing purposes CLICK HERE.)

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*May we publicly publish your desire to have an FTTH community?

Why would I publish my community?

  • Publishing your community helps Operators to identify areas that are in search of true FTTH and informs potential providers of FTTH that your community wishes to have FTTH and the associated benefits.
  • This allows potential providers of FTTH to make contact with you and provide you with possible solutions and it stimulates competition amongst Operators that now compete to provide services in your community.

Should you decide not to publish your community you can still engage with the FTTH Council Africa that will support your initiative every step of the way until you and your community are ready to take the next step. Should you NOT want your information to be available to Operators, please send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or contact us telephonically to discuss your requirements.