FTTH Council Africa 2016 Annual Conference

To learn more about this event and to register, please visit http://www.ftthcouncilafrica-conference.com

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We really cannot reach the goals and the potential of Africa without FTTH. Tapping the enormous potential of this technology is critical to achieve Africa’s fullest potential.

Einstein talked about innovation, and especially the invention of the radio and the impact it will have on society. If we look back we can see the massive influence it had on the world. When it comes to the topic of innovation FTTH certainly is top of mind and the technology we see in our homes today is only the beginning. Over time the change will be much, much more intense and will transform the way we live. The reason is that true innovation focus on humans and their needs and that is what makes innovation meaningful.

We have certainly achieved a lot to date but can we be satisfied with these results? Certainly not. We need to work even harder to ensure that we are not left behind in the global race. Together we can trigger a quantum leap of innovation which will open up new markets. The staggering speeds of FTTH can touch every industry, every home and every individual. This transformation will come at a speed we can barely imagine and change our expectations of what technology can do in our lives.

This year our conference will focus on the community. We are opening our doors to Home Owners Associations and individuals who want to support their communities in the race to fibre their suburbs. We have a fantastic line up of speakers with topics that are interesting and relevant and will help them make informed decisions.

This will be our biggest conference yet! We have booked the Century City Conference Centre – a brand new world class facility – and already have many sponsors on board.

It gives me great pleasure to thank these early backers in advance. I now extend a very warm welcome to you all and look forward to seeing you in Cape Town.

– Richard Came, President – FTTH Council Africa